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Lifecycle Services and ITAD Professional Services

To balance the environmental, sustainability and security risks we offer our lifestyle services and ITAD Professional services. This provides full chain of custody management along with procuring highest yields from retired IT Hardware assets. 

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ITAD Asset Disposition!

This term revolves around reusing, recycling, repurposing, repairing and disposing of IT equipment that is no longer of use and disposing it safely and environmentally friendly. We make sure to get the highest possible residue.

Responsible Recycling

This refers to the strategic process of reusing or reclaiming corporate owned IT Assets to maximise their value through responsible recycling. 

At Shakun Associates, we make sure this is done seamlessly and in the best possible manner thus benefiting the concerned IT firm in the process and also the end buyers. 

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Global Data Destruction

We, at Shakun Associates, offer a full range of data destruction services that cover data sanitization, physical shredding, crushing/bending and degaussing. 

We ensure that that entire process is totally compliant with security guidelines like NIST, DoD, NAID AAA, HMG Infosec 5, and other regional standards to ensure sensitive data is protected.

The first and foremost thing to take care of in the global data destruction service is data security and ensuring privacy is maintained.