Hardware Supply

We are well versed in handling your new, refurbished or end-of-life hardware needs. Top quality, good performance, durability and sustainability are the four important quality standards you can expect from our hardware.

Lifecycle services and Hardware Supply

Shakun Associates takes care of multi generational hardware needs by offering end-of-life, refurbished hardware, workstation hardware and current generation data centre.

The refurbished hardware that we supply is of the highest quality. The very fact that they offer the same performance standards and uptime like that of the newly manufactured hardware says it all.

We aim on working with the value of sustainability so any hardware that we find that can be refurbished and reused, we make sure it’s done well. Our end goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers instead of just focusing on building transactional value.

OEM Hardware Expertise

Our experience ranges from computing, storage and networking. Shakun Associates very well understands how product lines integrate. 

We are well proficient in aiding with spec hardware configurations and offer real-time consultations to offer working solutions to our customers.

We are partnered with the top most IT equipment brands in the world. Check out our partnered brands to know more. Any IT hardware need you have for these brands, we can take care of those. 


Reasons to buy refurbished hardware from Shakun?

We are a growing and independent hardware provider of sustainably sourced hardware.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us to get  hardware:

We are constantly buying new inventory so we have the parts you need, in stock and ready to ship on a moment’s notice

If we don’t have it, we leverage our worldwide industry network and product knowledge to get you the part you need fast, on time and competitively priced.

We help our clients by buying their obsolete parts or offering trade-ins.

With our experienced sales and tech teams, powerful databases and strong industry connections, we have what it takes to find the parts you need at the price you want.

We are an Authorised Parts Provider

We work with many reputed brands and are authorized parts providers for both new or refurbished hardware.

We spare well with hardware supply that compliments existing OEM agreements and contracts.