Distribution Services

At Shakun, we own numerous Business Partner accreditations of well known OEMs to support our customers across the globe and offer them the hardware services as you need. 

We are fully stocked everytime so we are fully equipped to fulfil all the quantitative requirements that our customers might have.


Quick Shipping

Our lead time is less and we try to deliver before the delivery date from our end. A lot of times, the end customer’s critical IT Projects get affected when the promised shipment is not delivered on time.

We make sure this does not happen at our end and uphold the standard delivery promises for all our customers.

Timely fulfillment and delivery are crucial parts of the end customer experience and we want to be known for delivering what we promise and commit to. 

At Shakun Associates, you can rely on us completely for the timely and quality delivery. 

Excellent Post-sales support

Any issue on the hardware or its configuration that you face, our team is proficient and tries to respond to your needs promptly.

We understand the importance of quality customer service and ensure our customers are satisfied with their concerns.

Our service staff is well trained, courteous, polite, timely and qualified enough to make sure that all the concerns of our clients post delivery are taken care of. We make sure to nurture our client relations for a long-term partnership.

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